Dashlin is a

  • Software Engineer

  • Full Stack Developer

  • Customer Service Expert

About Me

At a young age, my parents ingrained in me that through responsibility and determination, success would follow. I dedicated 5 years building my career in management where I provided optimum performance, to my role, as a leader and established myself as an asset to the company. As a Software Engineer, I am using my experience with team collaboration and critical thinking to be an asset to my team and provide the best possible product.

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript ES6
  • Node.JS
  • jQuery
  • React
  • Wordpress
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Team Player

A team does not exist without communication and commitment! For my current and future roles, I aim to provide nothing less.

Teamwork was a big part of our daily activities when working with guests or handling business operations. Everyday required great communication, focus and a doer attitude! These are the Characteristics that are vital with every project I have worked on.

Quick Learning

Being in positions where "learning on the job" or adapting to situations have been a key aspect with my success.

If one thing has been consistent throughout my journey, it's that I've had to be self-learning. The world does not wait, so neither should I!

Customer Relations

We're taught that flexibility and patience with a customer or client is key. Since becoming a Software Engineer, this remains unchanged.

I have had the opportunity to meet numerous people and a lot of personalities. Through it all, I've resolved many complications and received countless smiles. Im happy to grow with each and every one of them.



My goal? To work with my clients and offer the best possible service and assurance of the product they will receive.

Web Development

Creating fully authenticated web applications using databases, APIs, and various stacks

Responsive Websites

No matter the device, I will reach your standards to create your fully responsive website


Every design custom built to guarantee user satisfaction


Changed your mind? Fix an Error? Lets ensure your website is updated and modified to your liking


Want to work together? Have a question? Want to just say hello? Feel free to reach out! If you prefer not using the contact form, my email is Dashlin.sermeil@gmail.com

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